The Real and Present Danger - Keeping you and your family safe in the presence of danger -

Although this book looks at criminal events and some of the expert views on the criminological aspects of offending and the mind-set of criminals, it is not about them per se. It is about you the reader. Personal safety is personal - it is about the choices you make in keeping yourself and the people you love safe. This book will help you make those choices.

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Security Manual 8th Edition - Ashgate Publishing - ISBN: 978-0-566-08783-7 - £15.99 - Purchased directly from the author

Security Manual provides practical guidance on all aspects of security work and is a ready made source of information for all members of the security profession, including managers, supervisors and trainers. This eighth edition has been fully restructured to better reflect recent changes in the criminal law, fire protection and security practices. New chapters on powers of arrest, industrial disputes, conflict resolution, dealing with emergencies, cultural awareness and door supervising have been added, including the latest information and procedures that should be adopted in relation to an act of terrorism.

The manual continues to pay attention to the law of theft, other criminal offences affecting security and the basics of security practice, and can rightly be regarded as the standard overall work on the subject and a practical reference for existing security practitioners and those who are aspiring to enter the security profession.


In recent years the security industry has been the subject of increasingly detailed regulation and the need for better training and development of personnel has become clear. This book provides both an excellent introduction to the industry for the new recruit while serving as a valuable reference book for the more experienced operative and supervisor.’ – David Stephens , Professional Manager

'...he has packed so much into what will fit handily into a blazer or coat pocket.' Professional Security

Reviews from Previous edition:

'For those who hold a previous issue of this splendid book it's time to update, for those who have yet to see this publication - buy a copy soon! ... Personally, I would suggest that security professionals (at all levels) would find this book a valuable "aid memoir" to have to hand in the office and an essential item to be carried in a briefcase when in transit.' Security Management and Industry Today

David Brooksbank

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