David Brooksbank B.A. (Hons), Cert. Ed, M.IfL

David Brooksbank is a Criminologist and former police officer having retired from the police after 30 years service. He was a crime prevention and community safety officer for many years. His area of expertise includes the forensic psychology of violent criminals, the study of men who are violent towards women and male sexual predators. He has delivered training to police officers in various aspects of their work within the UK and overseas.

David is well known in the UK for his unique expertise in personal safety, and managing aggression and violence and in particular the personal safety of women in business and those whose job is dealing with the public. As well as delivering training, David has spoken at a number of conferences and seminars. He has written and delivered training courses for many organisations and is the author of the best selling Security Manual  8th Edition published by Ashgate Publishing.

David is a qualified teacher, having gained a B.A. (Hons) in Education and Training from the University of Huddersfield. In addition he holds a Certificate of Education and a Post Graduate Certificate in Community Safety and Crime Prevention awarded by the University of the West of England.


David is a Distance Learning Tutor in the fields of Forensic Psychology, Psychology, Criminology and Forensic Science. He is a consultant to a number of Further Education Colleges in the United Kingdom.

He has been approved by the NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Service to deliver conflict resolution training to NHS staff. He has delivered training for many organisations including those in the education, museums, public services, NHS and local authority work sectors.